Over the years I have spent a lot of time researching historical people who went before us in the practice and study of Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and Gada Mace. People like Tom Burrows, Gus Hill, Professor Harrison and Sim D. Kehoe to name a few.
During my Indian Clubs World Tours, I have made a conscious effort to meet as many people as possible who continue these training traditions.

People Page

Introducing the PEOPLE page on the Indian Clubs website, here you will meet current day trainers, students and practitioners who actively swing and train with Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and Gada Mace.

Professional or Personal

Over time I hope to talk to as many people in general, be it professional or personal, who swing Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and Gada Mace on a regular basis, and feature their stories, and reasons for taking up these disciplines.

 Frank Colon Indian Clubs

Frank Colón, Percussionist, and Krav Maga Professor is interviewed by Andreas Vogelsang about how he has integrated Indian Clubs into his daily training. Continue reading…..

Julio Diniz Indian Clubs head & shoulders Julio Diniz – interviewed about Indian Club Swinging by Frank Colón | First I practiced with drum mallets, the ones that we use for the big samba surdo drums. Continue reading…..
 Hans Reuter 3 Indian Clubs Hans Reuter – Professor Emeritus, Wisconsin State University, La Crosse. Hans Reuter expected perfection from his students and never made them doing anything he couldn’t do himself, even during his tenure as Professor Emeritus. Continue reading…..
Susan Poulos Indian Clubs Susan Poulos – Indian Club Memories | Susan grew up with Indian Clubs, she remembers learning to swing Indian Clubs from the age of twelve. Continue reading…..
Harry Allick head and shoulders Harry Allick – an interview with Harry who was taught to swing Indian Clubs by his father in the late 1940’s, he had a very strict approach to discipline. Continue Reading…..
Newton Fitness APS Jakob Martin Newton Fitness APS – No matter how sick or weak you are, or no matter how strong and powerful you are. There is always a set of Indian Clubs for you. Continue reading…..
Tamás Kaczmarski Interview Indian Clubs Tamás Kaczmarski – Hungarian Hammer combines the exercises of the Hammer and the Mace. The bulky shape and the oval handle changes the handling. Continue reading…..
Don Giafardino Adex Club 6 Don Giafardino from Adex Adjustable Clubs. The benefits of club swinging are building/maintaining essential neural pathways that diminish with age and inactivity. Continue reading…..
Thierry Sanchez Indian Club Swinging Thierry Sanchez – Indian Clubs PRACTICE aspect versus TRAINING keeps me interested, there are always new patterns you need to repeat over and over again. Continue reading…..
Kevin Rail Indian Clubs Thomas Cert 2 Kevin Rail – if I pick up my Indian Clubs feeling down and out, within minutes my mood improves. They have a magical, meditative power that’s hard to ignore. Continue reading…..
James Neidlinger H&S James Neidlinger – Indian Clubs are like Jazz, you can play the Standards or you can just Jam. Continue reading…..
Ron Jones Red Rock Indian Clubs 2 Ron Jones – Indian Clubs started as a frustrating experience and have become one of my favourite fitness tools, importantly, one of my favourite LIFE tools. Continue reading…..
Barry Hutchings Barry Hutchings – Indian Clubs are fun. I love swinging clubs. There is so much variety. From tiny Tear Drop clubs to Monumental Meels. Continue reading…..
Gyanshankul Singh Gyanshankul Singh – The traditional way to learn Gada and Jori in an Akhara, you first need to be perfect in doing Hindu Pushups and Baithaks. Continue reading…..
Mark Hogan Mark Hogan is a fully qualified Fire Arms Instructor, and in his interview he talks about using Indian Clubs for training and recovery from shoulder surgery. Continue reading…..
Dina Enggaard 4 An interview with Dina Enggaard – If you want to work with these tools, you should learn the core movements and strive to do them in good form. Continue reading…..
Andreas Vogelsang 8 Talking to Andreas Vogelsang has a genuinely fresh point of view about club swinging. On top of that he hand carves his own clubs. Continue reading…..
 Mike Romiski with Indian Clubs Mike Romiski is the founder and owner of Rosewater Kinetics. I asked Mike if I could visit him in Idaho. The visit became a real eye opener. Continue reading…..
Steve Angell head and shoulders Steve Angell – Club, Meel, Jori & Mace are absolutely wonderful training tools, everyone would benefit from adding them into their lives and training. Continue reading…..
 Helder Gandra wood blocks Helder Gandra from Indian Clubs Portugal talks to Andreas Vogelsang about his business background and the methods he uses for drying and preparing wood in preproduction stages. Continue reading…..
Kashi Azad Meels side view Talking to Kashi Azad from Persian Yoga which is time tested, it has the maturity of over 2000 years, and is battlefield proven, if it works in the battlefield it works anywhere. Continue reading…..
Marcus Quijas Jori Clubs 1 A chat with Marcus Quijas about his travels and training – “During training the mind must be focused to be maximally efficient in many regards, it is like a combined mental and physical meditation”. Continue reading…..
 Aaron Vyvial gada Aaron Vyvial from the Texas Kettlebell Academy, tells me that he has progressively added Gada and Clubs into his training regime, to compliment Kettlebell Lifting. Continue reading…..
 Nic Branson with Tear Drop Clubs Nic Branson from Nic Branson Training talks about the way he ventured into Indian Clubs from Gymnastics. Continue reading…..
 Rik Brown with mace Rik Brown from Liberty Strength Training talks about how he started swinging a Gada Mace and his journey so far. Continue reading…..

 Club Swinging LEGENDS

 People Tom Burrows Australia head and shoulders Tom Burrows always maintained that club swinging exercises were the best preparation for all branches of athletics requiring stamina, agility and speed. Continue reading…..
 Tom Burrows at Aldershot, UK, where he completed a 100 hour non-stop swing challenge.  Australian Club Swinging champion Tom Burrows began a self imposed endurance challenge to swing a pair of three pound and six ounce Indian Clubs for 100 hours straight without breaks and rests. Continue reading…..
Gus Hill. 3rd April 1886 Quote from the Ggazette. "The lithe and graceful person of Gus Hill, the club swinger and "Police Gazette" champion, is accurately portrayed on this page."  Gus Hill’s first public appearances were in competitive and exhibition events swinging Indian Clubs, boxing and wrestling. Continue reading…..
Homer W Crawford head and shoulders Homer W. Crawford club swinging endurance record, as reported in the New York Clipper, on Saturday, March 21, 1891. Continue reading…..


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