Newton Fitness APS

Newton Fitness APS

Newton Fitness APS is a company based in Denmark, Scandinavia which was founded in 2014 by Jakob Olsen and Martin Bang. I asked Jakob and Martin if I could pay them a visit during my Indian Clubs World Tour 2015, and ended up spending a few very enjoyable days with them at their facility in Hobro, Denmark. I wanted to find out what they were doing with Indian Clubs.

Newton Fitness APS Jakob Martin

Jakob Olsen and Martin Bang

Newton Fitness APS:- We are involved in all the aspects of Indian Clubs swinging. That means we develop and produce clubs here in Denmark. The club production is put in the hands of a very skilled, local furniture maker. We separate from the rest of the manufacturers in the world by making only three different models, all with the same handle and button (pommel). Our goal is to make high-quality clubs that are available for everybody.

Newton Fitness APS 3 Clubs

Teaching club swinging is our core business and our customers come from different walks of life, like school kids through to professional athletes. Ranging in age from 12 to 75 years. We spend a lot of our time running workshops, demonstrating the basics of Indian Clubs swinging and sharing the history and benefits of clubs.

What sparked your interest in Indian Clubs Swinging?

Newton Fitness APS:- In 2013 there were an international Indian Clubs Workshop in Sheffield, England held by Mike Simpson and we were part of that. Meeting all these amazing people, ”No one mentioned, No one forgotten”. That really opened our eyes to the potential, especially in rehabilitation. There were so many different people gathered there, but most had this in common: They had been either weightlifters or involved in martial arts of some sorts. And they had all been injured in some way and had used or were using Indian Clubs as their tool of recovery.

Can you explain why you enjoy Indian Club exercise?

Newton Fitness APS:- Indian Clubs are so simple and yet so complex. There are hours of fun in swinging clubs and you never run out of ways to go with your training. If you have five minutes to kill, you can pick up a pair of clubs. If your body is sore from sitting at the computer, pick up a set of clubs. If you want an hour long full body training. Pick up a pair of clubs. There is always a time to swing clubs and it is fun to go exploring new patterns on your own or as a group training. Nobody gets through a class without laughing.

No matter how sick or weak you are, or no matter how strong and powerful you are. There is always a set of clubs for you.

If you were to be cast away alone on a desert island, which pair of Indian Clubs would you choose to have with you?

Newton Fitness APS:- No doubt that a pair of 800 Gram clubs would be the right choice. In combination with bodyweight exercises you have all you need to stay fit and healthy.

What are the characteristics of your favourite Indian Clubs?

Newton Fitness APS:- There are so many club designs out there and they all swing differently, they all have their advantages and limits. I still remember the first time I tried out a one kilo teardrop club with a flat button. It was a Mike Simpson club and it was absolutely amazing to swing.

It all comes down to personal preference and swinging style. But we have learned, that a club should always be turned out of hard wood that is dried out the proper way. To achieve the right length to weight ratio for the club to feel right, the choice of wood is most important.

For an overall, everyday club I prefer our own club that is well balanced and easy to use. The end button allows for a relaxed grip and that is the most important element of swinging clubs.

Newton Fitness APS Indian Club Rack 5

Why did you decide to become an Indian Club Trainer?

Newton Fitness APS:- To do good to mankind. There can not be such a powerful tool available and then let it be kept from the people that could benefit from it.

In Denmark and also in the rest of the western world, there is a shared idea by health professionals, that there must be one cure for one illness. This approach is not working very well when it comes to biomechanical issues. Especially with the shoulder joint as it is way to complex to rehabilitate with this approach.

The health system turns to the knife and often does more damage than good, thus prolonging the rehab period after an operation which is too long and ineffective.

Indian Clubs is in another league when it comes to shoulder maintenance and rehabilitation. This discovery is the main reason for the launch of  the Newton Fitness project.

Newton Fitness Handball Group

In your opinion,what are the benefits of club swinging for the average person?

Newton Fitness APS:- Club swinging is basic training for everybody whether you are thin or fat, young or old, short or tall, even if you are a couch potato or a pro athlete in any sports. You should be swinging clubs on a regular basis. I think that one can view Indian Clubs as a form of maintenance for body function. That is if you are starting young and keep doing regular club exercises throughout your life. But for now, most people are in a condition where clubs have more of a rehabilitating role to play.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what clubs are capable of, but for the average western person, it is clear that within a year of swinging clubs for one hour a week, most of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist range of motion is restored. And eventually most of the pain issues are gone and the main part of any bodies medication needs will be gone which is based on our observations.

How do your combine Indian Clubs in combination with other training?

Newton Fitness APS:- Building from the ground up it seems natural, that at some point there will be a need for heavier weights. Kettlebell training is to us the natural next thing to explore in combination with bodyweight exercises. Often we have group training that are half ’n’ half, clubs and kettlebells.

Newton Fitness APS Gada

Out of the old books written about Indian Clubs, which one is your favourite and why?

Newton Fitness APS:- We have all the old books that we have come across these past years. And they all contribute something useful. I think it is fun to see that there are so many different styles depending on people’s backgrounds etc. Just like today different styles are being developed all over the world. Indian Clubs are the most versatile fitness tool that has ever existed and therefore this is the way it should spread out into the world and take form after the people that use them.

Our main go to book is without a doubt the Ferdinand Lemaire book. The style that is presented here is very close to what we want to achieve at this point in time.

Newton Fitness APS Gym

For more information or if you have any questions for us please don´t be a stranger and feel free to contact us.

A big thank you to you Jakob Olsen and Martin Bang for taking the time to answer all my questions for this interview.


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