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Mark Hogan


Mark Hogan and I met for a workshop in Dallas, August last year during my Indian Clubs World Tour 2015. Mark Hogan is a fully qualified Fire Arms Instructor, he talks about using Indian Clubs for training and recovery from shoulder surgery in his interview.

Mark Hogan and Paul Taras Wolkowinski

When did you start swinging Indian Clubs?

Mark Hogan:- I started about 7 years ago after the basic rehab of my second shoulder surgery. I found some stories about fighters using Indian Clubs to rehab and thought I would try it.

Mark Hogan Indian Clubs Collection

What sparked your interest in Indian Club Swinging?

Mark Hogan:- Rehab and the need to fight age. I realised that if I was to rehab myself and stay as active as I want to be I would need to be more flexible.

Dr Ed ThomasDoctor Ed Thomas is the first person I followed into this culture, then found many others on the web that allowed me to get what I wanted out of my body. I started out with a set of motion RX clubs and found it to be fun.  I them ordered a set too heavy for me and almost hurt myself.  Its fun to learn the hard way.

Can you explain why you enjoy Indian Club exercise?

Mark Hogan:- It’s a great stress reliever. I come home from work, grab a set of clubs and start a playlist on youtube. I generally run 25 to 40 minutes and then quit. I was going on for almost an hour but realised it’s too soon after my latest surgery and I wasn’t helping myself.

Mark Hogan Training in Dallas

Do you swing Indian Clubs one or two handed?

Mark Hogan:- Interesting question. I swing each club one handed sometimes swinging one club and switching hands. If you mean do I swing two hands on one club that answer is no, I have nothing large enough for that yet.

If you were to be cast away alone on a desert island, which pair of Indian Clubs would you choose to have with you?

Mark Hogan:- At this time the new 1.5lb Copper Band clubs you made for me. Second thought, maybe I’d take the Copper Band clubs later, as they are too heavy at this time. So I would take the Pine version for now, second from the left.

Mark Hogan Desert Island Clubs

What are the characteristics of your favourite Indian Clubs?

Mark Hogan:- It’s got to feel good in my hand, swing well and not leave my hand sore. I like your new ergo clubs and like the Kehoe style of club. I think the Kehoe is my favorite because the thin grip is straighter longer. They’re the most comfortable to swing for different types of movements.  Next year I think I’ll have you make me a set of those for my Birthday, I’ll have my wife contact you.

Why did you decide to become a Indian Club trainer?

Mark Hogan:- I’m not really a trainer, but a solid student who is good about sharing the success and skills with others. I have an email that I share with people that has certain videos in it, show them a link to the one pound clubs on the web and help them start training.  So far I’ve helped my father, a shooting buddy, and a fireman who did a poor job rehabbing after a shoulder repair plus a few others.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of Club swinging for the average person?

Mark Hogan:- Greater flexibility and a feeling of satisfaction or inner peace. Club swinging really helps shoulder mobility and as I talk to people I’m surprised how many suffer in this area. I’m always sharing my successes and encouraging people to try clubs to help them.

Common Mistake Shoulder MobilityI think your video on Common Mistakes and Shoulder Mobility is a great bit of info for all of us as we age and slump through life. After surgery this year as I entered therapy on the second visit the therapist’s palm struck me in the chest saying “stand up straight, I will never be able to fix you shoulder if you won’t stand up straight”. Dr. Ed Thomas says something similar about posture and club swinging I don’t recall his exact words but I took this from it.

If you won’t practice good posture, don’t waste time with Indian Clubs

I know this much, stress among other things in life make us slump, getting into clubs, pulling the shoulders back and working out that way, sure helps me feel better every day.

How do you keep your Indian Club knowledge up to date?

Mark Hogan:- Reading old books and following the current cadre of folks. Paul you have been the greatest resource I’ve found so far.  You, Izzy Barish, Paul Imada and Kehoe have been the basis for my successes. I found it a great benefit to work with you for a day this past summer.  I would encourage anyone with an interest to find a trainer, or someone that’s worked with a trainer and aka sure they are doing the movements correctly.  Your videos are great, but everyone needs to watch the video and work out with a mirror and video themselves.  That way they can look at themselves and your videos to see where changes need to be made.

I think everyone should watch the video with Paul Imada where he talks about basics, it is a great video, the breathing discussion is so important.

Out of all the old books written about Indian Clubs, which one is your favourite and why?

Mark Hogan:- Sim D. Kehoe’s book, The Indian Club Exercise is my favourite because it talks of all the good that comes from working out. If you can put the right mind on and read the book there’s a lot in there that made sense then and still does today.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Mark Hogan:- I’ve been a firearms instructor for 23 years now, and a few years back, fell part way out of the attic. Most likely fractured my right arm and damaged my wrist and rotator. Then last year I destroyed my right shoulder. After surgery with 5 new anchors and still sporting a torn A/C, your grip workout has given my grip back.

Mark Hogan Bullseye Pistol Shooting

In bullseye pistol shooting there is so much depending on hand strength and the ability to take the repeated recoil, that we need something as we age to keep the hands moving correctly.

Paul Imada talks about a seniors class and how they can or can’t grip, and what Indian Clubs can do to help improve their grip.

It is the same for me and pistol shooting, I shoot a lot of pistol, about 12k rounds a year average and the clubs have helped my grip, speed from holster and ability to hold the gun up quicker after surgery. 

Your new Grip Change Tutorial and Exercises videos are a great aid in this area. After my last surgery my grip was so poor it was very disconcerting.  Working wrist circles first up close then at extension with my lightest clubs and over the last year working up to two pounders has really helped me stay in the game.

Mark Hogan NPSC

A big thank you to you Mark Hogan for taking the time to share your experiences with Indian Clubs

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