Tabarzin Axes Body Cross (weight 2.5lbs each, length 24″ inches featuring an off centre balance point). Exploring upward & downward body cross movements Body cross movements are swung onto planes, the frontal plane and the sagittal plane. Tabarzin Axes Body Cross – Downward The downward body cross movements are started with the axes held parallel overhead, [...]

Tabarzin Battle Axes

Tabarzin Battle Axes These wooden replica Tabarzin Battle Axes are made from West Australian hardwood called JARRAH. They weigh 2lbs 8ozs each and are 24″ long. Inspiration to make Tabarzin Battle Axes I was inspired to make the Tabarzin Battle Axes after I saw the front cover of Health & Strength (02 Nov 1907) magazine [...]

  Persian Yoga eBook Congratulations Kashi Azad on the launch of the Persian Yoga eBook. Persian Yoga eBook is be available from Amazon, today 25th December 2016. The Persian Yoga eBook introduces you to these time tested methods, which have the matured of over 2000 years, and are battlefield proven; if it works in the battlefield it works anywhere. Available on [...]

Zurkhaneh Tour 2014 parts 2 3 4 ‘한국어 번역‘ Zurkhaneh in the city of Shiraz, in the southern part of Iran. Due to the daytime heat in Shiraz the Zurkhaneh starts late, 9:30 PM to be precise. It was a 20 minute walk to the venue, first the streets were wide and full of traffic, and [...]

Persian Yoga Level 1

Persian Yoga Level 1 This is an independent review of the Persian Yoga level 1 Illustrated Manual that has recently landed in my mail box. This manual has been written and published by Kashi Azad, who is the founder of Persian Yoga™ and Zurkhaneh Australia. I think it would be fair to say, that most [...]

  Zurkhaneh Tour 2014 part 1 ‘한국어 번역‘ Visit to Tehran As part of my Indian Clubs World Tour 2014, I made a booking with the Iran Tour Center for a Zurkhaneh Tour which seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn more about the traditional training methods of Iran, and soak up some of the rich ancient [...]

Persian Mils

  Persian Mils I have to say that I am very impressed with Persian Mils following my visit to Iran, but first some background. Big Clubs When I first discovered Indian Clubs, it was via the book published by Cobbett and Jenkin in 1905. The book has detailed plans for four clubs referred to as A, [...]

Indian Club World Tour 2014 Following the successful inaugural tour of 2013, the Indian Club World Tour 2014, splits into three parts, India, Iran and Europe. GADA – MACE, INDIA Varanasi, India presents the opportunity to discover the intricacies of Gada – Mace training still used in Akharas (wrestlers gyms). Although the Gada – Mace exercises are [...]

Jaguset Akhara Jaguset Akhara was the first akhara I visited during my stay in Varanasi.  Being a Tuesday and a traditional rest day there was no training, a great photo opportunity none the less.  It was a surprise to find a weighted Kabadeh bow like the ones used in Zurkhaneh hanging on the wall. Each Akhara is [...]