Mungli Club

Mungli Club The art of lifting and swinging massive heavy wooden clubs from Pakistan. War and Peace Historically the Pakistani’s have always been very fond of sports. The two important aspects of social life over the years were warfare and social interaction. Every man was expected to be an active soldier capable of doing military [...]

Long Stretch Club Exercises Long Stretch Club Exercises by Harry and Pat Allick, using Baseball Bats as Clubs. Harry Allick was taught Indian Club Swinging by his father in the 1940s and 1950s and is an accomplished master in the style known as “Fancy Indian Club Swinging”. In addition, over the years Harry has swung many [...]

Newton Fitness uses Indian Clubs to Enhance Handball Performance It is with great pleasure that I welcome Martin Bang and his guest blog post about Newton Fitness who are based in Denmark, where the game of Handball is played on a national level. Indian Clubs are a Powerful Tool Newton Fitness Indian Clubs Enhance Handball Performance Indian Clubs [...]

Orange Jori This video is about the preparation and build up to swing heavy Orange Jori at Shri Shri Hanuman Ji Vyaayaamshala Akhara, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi. This special training session was organised in the morning following the early session at this Akhara. Everyone taking part encourage all the participants in every step. Warm Up [...]

Kaali Baari Akhara I arranged to meet Gyanshankul Singh at Kaali Baari Akhara to learn about the finer details of traditional Gada and Jori Club exercise. The day started of dry, then the skies opened and we got drenched. Jori Clubs Jori Club athletes use the Gada Mace for warming up their shoulders, and [...]

Elbow and Club Video The Elbow and Club Video is about the correct technique for the Inward Back Circle to avoid Elbow Injury and Pain. For Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Jori Clubs and Gada Mace Four Disciplines used in the Elbow and Club Video Indian Clubs Persian Clubs (Mil) Indian Jori Clubs Gada Mace Elbow Pain Special [...]

Tennis Ball Indian Clubs Including making instructions. Charles Mercer has made a pair of Tennis Ball Indian Clubs after seeing my video about Tear Drop Clubs. Go to the bottom of this page to see the video. This is a very clever solution to mimic the action of Tear Drop Indian Clubs if you are interested [...]

Evil Munky Mace

Evil Munky Enterprises Evil Munky Enterprises is the brainchild of trainer and powerlifter Melody Schoenfeld, with the aim of helping make the world a stronger and more active place to be. To bring play back into strength training. To make you love movement again. Evil Munky Enterprises is a small manufacturing company located in California USA, [...]

My 64th Birthday Workout My 64th Birthday Workout, to celebrate I have recorded this mornings workout to show my favourite exercises using Indian Clubs, Meels and Gada Mace. Flashback to 2007, my doctor told me to lose weight as I was tipping the scales at 110kg, about 20kg overweight, I was also diagnosed with [...]

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