10 to 2 Swing

GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER ‘ 한국어 번역 ‘ GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER. This video is a copy of the show that was recorded on FaceBook Live on the 1st of December 2016, with a complete list of all the exercises listed below the video on [...]

The Quiet Power 10-2  Gada Master Class   Marcus Quijas is the owner and founder of “The Quite Power” and has very kindly given me permission to present his excellent video tutorial series on swinging the Gada or Mace.  To find out more about Marcus Quijas you can read his interview and visit his website “The Quiet Power”. [...]

Gada Mace 360’s Two Grips Four Movements ‘한국어 번역‘   Neil Meekings from MomentuM Fitness and UK Mace & Club Trainers asked the following question. Could you explain what you mean about the Gada Mace 360s and hand positioning? Gada Mace 360’s Two Grips Four Movements The Gada 360’s can be swung using two different grips. Each grip can [...]

10 Minute Gada Mace Swing ‘한국어 번역‘   Paul Taras Wolkowinski Age 66 90 kg Gada 10kgs 157 hands 10 minutes x 10 to 2’s Four Camera Angles Thought it may be helpful to record a 10 Minute Gada Mace Swing with four camera angles for potential contestants in the Texas Kettlebell Sport Classic, Vintage Strength [...]

Kaali Baari Akhara I arranged to meet Gyanshankul Singh at Kaali Baari Akhara to learn about the finer details of traditional Gada and Jori Club exercise. The day started of dry, then the skies opened and we got drenched. https://youtu.be/zkS9c2iwflk Jori Clubs Jori Club athletes use the Gada Mace for warming up their shoulders, and [...]

Nail Gada 40kg

Nail Gada 40kg – Indian Clubs World Tour 2014 Scindia Akhara is located close to Scindia Ghat on the river Ganges. The locals refer to the river as Mother Ganga which is just minutes away down a staircase. I am going to focus on individual items, and would like to introduce you to a Gada [...]

Evil Munky Mace

Evil Munky Enterprises Evil Munky Enterprises is the brainchild of trainer and powerlifter Melody Schoenfeld, with the aim of helping make the world a stronger and more active place to be. To bring play back into strength training. To make you love movement again. Evil Munky Enterprises is a small manufacturing company located in California USA, [...]