Homer W Crawford

Homer W Crawford

Homer W. Crawford club swinging endurance record, as reported in the New York Clipper, on Saturday, March 21, 1891.

Homer W Crawford New York Clipper

Homer W. Crawford swung a pair of 10lb Indian Clubs continuously for seven hours, making an average of 70 swings per minute.  The count was done per circle, be it front or back.

Homer W Crawford Club Swinging Record

An endurance record for 41 years

This record still stood 41 years later, at the time of Homer W Crawford’s death. There is no reference in Google to say if the record was ever broken.

Endurance Club Swinging Rules

The rules for these endurance records were very simple, you just were not allowed to stop.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking was straight forward as the clubs were swung behind the head so that the coach or assistant could approach and feed the contestant.


To date I have not found any information indicating how the endurance club swingers went to the bathroom. If anyone knows please forward the information to me.

Homer W Crawford Endurance Club Swinger 1Homer W. Crawford obituary

The obituary is missing the date.

Indian Club endurance record still good after 41 years.

Homer W Crawford, who died at the age of 63 years in Alliance recently, had established an endurance record for Indian Club swinging which still stands after 41 years.

Crawford, who was a brother of John E Crawford, 626 Allyn Street, on March 12, 1891 at the G.A.R. Hall, Lisbon, swung two 10lb Indian Clubs for seven consecutive hours with an average of 72 swings a minute. (The New York Clipper reported 70 swings a minute, slight difference here) The record has never been equalled.

He was also a noted bicycle racer back in 1889 and was an intimate friend of the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, John L Sullivan.

The Crawfords were great grandson’s of Adam Poe, who founded the second settlement in Ohio at Gavers on Yellow Creek, where General John Morgan, Confederate raider, surrendered during the Civil War….. see below

Homer W Crawford Endurance Club Swinger obituary

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