Rik Brown Gada Clubs

Rik Brown Gada Clubs   Evil Munky Mace Rik Brown Gada Clubs, it was a pleasure to meet with Rik Brown & Melody Schoenfeld, we swung the Evil Munky Mace, which has a loadable head,  that can be filled it with water, check it out. The water adds a “SLOSH” component destabilising the mace and increasing  core [...]

Russ Ogata footwork Indian Clubs

  Russ Ogata footwork Indian Clubs First of all, thanks to Russ & Jan Ogata for their hospitality in Hawaii. Russ Ogata footwork for Indian Clubs.  Russ Ogata showed me footwork that he currently uses with Indian Club training that is inspired by Judo, this foot work can be applied to Indian Club swinging with practice. [...]

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

  Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  The first leg of the Indian Clubs World Tour was Sydney with the down-under architectural icon, gleaming white against the blue sky, and calm waters of Sydney harbour.  There is no doubt that I am in Australia.  Had to walk round to [...]

Starting out with Indian Clubs?

Starting out with Indian Clubs? Not sure what Indian Clubs to buy? To get the full benefit of swinging clubs you should be using clubs that are one to two pounds in weight, depending on your size and strength.  The reason is simple, Indian Club movements have to be learnt and mastered, this includes relaxing [...]

Sim D Kehoe Replica Indian Clubs

  Sim D Kehoe Replica Indian Clubs In 1861, Sim. D. Kehoe, an American fitness enthusiast and businessman, traveled to England where he observed the art of Indian Club Swinging. Believing he had found the perfect exercise apparatus, he began to manufacture and sell clubs to the American public in 1862. Kehoe wrote a book [...]

Art of Swing

Art of Swing The art of swinging clubs was used as a staple of fitness training long before it reached Europe in the early 1800’s. Club swinging was part of Indian and Persian culture, and was practiced by wrestlers, soldiers, police and others as part of their daily fitness routine. The ancient clubs were simple in [...]

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