Bamboo Gada and Steel Mace

Bamboo Gada and Steel Mace Review Exploring the differences between a Bamboo Gada and a Steel Mace following my trip to India. Bamboo Gada The Bamboo Gada has been made in the traditional Clay Pot method, where a Clay Pot is used as a mould, rather than a basket ball or anything else. A bamboo [...]

Suria Akhara – Varanasi – India The visit to Suria Akhara started as a passenger on the back of a motorbike, weaving through the tiny streets and alleyways of Varanasi.  On arrival we had to squeeze past a cow tethered to a wall before walking through the gates, I have to say that I would have [...]

Ogornat Takia Akhara, Varanasi, India Ogornat Takia Akhara would have been impossible to find without the local knowledge of a guide, the high boundary walls gave nothing away, a short flight of steps and a very low entrance made entering the Akhara even more secretive.  Once inside the walls the space opened out completely with [...]

Ramsing Antarashti Akhara Ramsing Antarashti Akhara in Varanasi has an entrance decorated with symbolic painted bells hanging on chains, reminding everyone who enters that the Akhara is dedicated to Hanuman the God of Strength who is always present, he may be catching a nap, so the bell has to be rung to make him aware [...]

Jaguset Akhara Jaguset Akhara was the first akhara I visited during my stay in Varanasi.  Being a Tuesday and a traditional rest day there was no training, a great photo opportunity none the less.  It was a surprise to find a weighted Kabadeh bow like the ones used in Zurkhaneh hanging on the wall. Each Akhara is [...]

Indian Club Swinging Weekend Sheffield UK 2013 The first International Indian Club Swinging Weekend 2013, held in Sheffield UK, organised by the Indian Club Swinging Teaching Institute.  Many thanks to all the instructors with a special mention to Mike & Elaine Simpson of Sheffield Indian Club Swingers, for organising and co-ordinating the whole event. The [...]

James P Madonna Lodi NJ

James P Madonna Lodi NJ   After seeing Nic Branson in Coventry, Connecticut.  I enjoyed the train ride south to New York to see James P Madonna – Lodi NJ. I contacted James to arrange a meeting.  James very kindly mapped out my journey to his house with Google maps and I got there without [...]

Dube Juggling – Contact Poi 4″

Dube Juggling – Contact Poi 4″ Dube Juggling – Contact Poi 4″, this is something that should of interest to anyone who swings Indian Clubs.  You may remember the ROPE & CANNONBALLS, I came across in Hawaii. I really like the concept of the Rope and Cannonball,  the idea behind them is to improve technique by [...]

  Nic Branson – Indian Club Workshop Nic Branson Training Nic Branson – Indian Club Workshop.  On arrival in Coventry Connecticut, I met up with Nic Branson, we drove through the pretty and very green Connecticut country side before reaching the gym.  Nic had arranged to hold an Indian Club workshop for people who may [...]

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