Movement Library


Movement Library

The Indian Clubs | Movement Library is designed to remind you and give you a quick reference to basic Indian Club swing movements, using short 15 second videos. Consider the videos as a Flash Card.

Size of Indian Clubs

The recommended sizes of Indian Clubs are as follows.







Please note that these exercises are designed for the weights stipulated above. Using heavier clubs is not recommended. As it is not the exercise that will hurt you, but the weight of the club you use.

#1 Outward Heartshaped Swing

#2 Inward Heartshaped Swing

#3 Parallel Heartshapes Right

#4 Parallel Heartshapes Left

#5 Outward Alternate Heartshapes

#6 Inward Alternate Heartshapes

#7 Windmill Right

#8 Windmill Left


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