Indian Club World Tour 2017 – WORKSHOP Dates

Indian Club World Tour 2017 – WORKSHOP Dates

For reasons beyond my control, I have been forced to cancel the upcoming Indian Clubs World Tour WORKSHOPS 2017.
The reason for the cancellation is that I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on 13th April 2017 and have to undergo an operation.
The workshops will be re-scheduled once I have recovered. If you have registered, your purchase will be refunded in full.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Yours in club swinging. Paul Taras Wolkowinski

Indian Clubs World Tour 2017 WORKSHOPS

Indian Club World Tour 2017 – WORKSHOP

Dates, Locations & Registration

Click on your preferred LOCATION and complete your REGISTRATION

Please note that all dates are specified as MONTH, DAY & YEAR


Soma and Body Joohyun Kim Seoul, Korea Indian Clubs 5/5/17
Soma and Body Haneol Kim Seoul, Korea Gada (Mace) 5/6/17
Soma and Body Joohyun Kim Seoul, Korea Persian Meels 5/7/17
Rosewater Kinetics Mike Romiski Lewiston ID Indian Clubs 6/10/17
Personal Excellence Training/ CrossFit Excellence Cody Limbaugh Portland OR Indian Clubs 6/17/17
Tosetti Institute of MMA & Fitness Fred Kaye Redwood City CA Indian Clubs 6/18/17
Regency Community Park Phil Roland Sacramento CA Indian Clubs 6/20/17
The Fittestry Eric Doyle Signal Hill CA Indian Clubs 6/24/17
Kettlebell Sanctuary Moses Dunca Las Vegas NV Indian Clubs 6/25/17
Texas Kettlebell Academy Aaron Vyvial Austin TX Indian Clubs 7/01/17
Forteza Fitness Kieth Jennings Chicago IL Indian Clubs 7/02/17
Oz Strength & Conditioning TBC Jennifer Branning Fort Wayne IN Indian Clubs 7/07/17
Bang Fitness Geoff Girvitz Toronto ON Indian Clubs 7/09/17
Indian Clubs Boston Gillian De Lear Boston MA Indian Clubs 7/13/17
Compelling Fitness Bret Bondlow Duxbury MA Indian Clubs 7/15/17
Alpha Fitness Dan Crawley East Greenwich RI Indian Clubs 7/22/17
Q Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Eric Reyelt Randolph NJ Indian Clubs 7/29/17
Indian Clubs Brazil Julio Diniz Rio de Janerio BR Indian Clubs 8/05/17
Indian Clubs Brazil Frank Colon Rio de Janerio BR Meels Gada 8/06/17
Indian Clubs Ireland Cillin Cleare Limerick IR Indian Clubs Gada 8/12/17
Sheffield Indian Club Swinging Certificate Course Mike Simpson Sheffield UK Indian Clubs 8/18/17 8/19/17 8/20/17
Body Mind Fit Peter Hodkinson Bradford on Avon UK Indian Clubs 8/26/17
Body Mind Fit Peter Hodkinson Bradford on Avon UK Persian Meels Gada 8/27/17
Indian Clubs Polska (Poland) Kamil Jurkiewicz Warsaw Poland Indian Clubs 9/02/17

Students have to provide their own Indian Clubs.

  • The recommended club specifications are as follows:-
  • Men weight 2lbs per club, length 19”/21” inches
  • Women weight 1lb to 2lbs per club, length 17”/19” inches
  • All clubs have to made of wood, no clubbells.
  • To purchase clubs enquire at the venue of your choice or visit my manufacturer page

Workshops outline:-

Each Indian Club Workshop is limited to a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 20 students.

6 hours duration, with focus on basics and good form, leading to combinations and how to choreograph a routine.

  1. Introduction & History
  2. Safety Concerns – Weapon – Training Space
  3. Warm Up – Hands and Shoulders
  4. Anatomy of a Club – Pommel, Handle, Body and Base
  5. Grips and Exercises – Hammer, Sabre and Third Finger
  6. Stance – At Ease, Starting Position, Y-Position
  7. Planes of Motion – Frontal, Sagittal and Transverse
  8. Feet – Informal Frontal, Formal Sagittal, Transverse uses both foot positions
  9. Understanding the Centre Line of the Human Body on all Planes
  10. Breathing – IN arms up – OUT arms down
  11. Flight Path of a Club – Two Dimensional Circle
  12. Five Basic Circles – Inward and Outward
  13. Music and Counting
  14. Creating Combinations
  15. Create and Choreograph a Routine
  16. Questions

See you there!

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