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Indian Jori Clubs

Indian Jori Clubs form part of a traditional exercise regime in an Akhara (wrestlers gym) in India, each Akhara has sets of ceremonial clubs which are highly decorated and clubs for daily use. These clubs are frequently weighted towards the base with iron collars. The Indian Jori Clubs are made in a huge range of weights. Wrestlers mostly train with clubs between 8kg to 20kg, larger weights are usually saved for competitions at various festivals.

I have just finished turning a pair of Indian Jori Clubs, their styling is based on clubs I saw in Varanasi, India last year 2013.

The clubs are 46″ (117cms) long, and weigh 14.5lbs (6.5kg) each. Each club has a channel cut towards the base, which can be loaded with chain to increase the weight. The target load is an extra 4kg which will produce a club weighing around 10kg.

Clubs are weighted with iron collars in India, I think for the time being that chain wound round the base will have a similar effect.

The technique for swinging the Jori Club is quite different to a Persian Club. The shoulder turning movement has to reach 90 degrees to the left and the right from the frontal plane, whereas the Persian Club needs a 45 degree turn. The hips need to face the front as much as possible. There will be some hip movement due to the inertia generated by the swinging club. Massive core work.

I think it is worth mentioning that correctly executed shoulder turns help to maintain a straight back, failure to do this will result in the back over extending resulting in injury.

The next few weeks will see the gradual loading of these clubs, to see what the extra weight handles and feels like.

The first impression is that you are swinging two Gadas or Maces, great fun.

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