Gada Mace Tutorials

Gada Mace Tutorials 한국어 번역

These Gada Mace Tutorials are designed to help you understand this ancient exercise tool and how to use it.  It is also very much a record of my own journey in learning to use the Gada – Mace.  Why did I buy a Gada Mace?  I had been using kettlebells for some years and liked the ballistic movements they offered, the Gada Mace seemed like a natural progression.  Following many YouTube searches based around “How to swing a Mace” and “How to swing a Gada” I found some basic videos, but little else, so as I became confident I thought I’d share some of my experiences.

The Gada Mace Tutorials will help get you started with an ancient tool, which is intended to be clumsy and difficult to handle, featuring a long shaft and complete lack of counterbalance. The longer the shaft the more resistance, plus heavier weights on the end will also increase resistance.

The Gada Mace Tutorials – Secret Rule

Gada - Mace Tutorials full triceps extension

Gada – Mace Tutorials full triceps extension

On the aspect of personal safety it is very important to understand that you allow the Gada Mace to swing freely, to achieve this you have to learn to lift your elbows high and lower your hands holding the Gada Mace behind your neck, by doing this correctly you will avoid straining and hurting your elbows.

So to sum up, full triceps extension to the point that the biceps is relaxed.  You can do this by lifting your arm up above your head, then bend your arm at the elbow and drop your hand down behind your head, place the opposite hand on your biceps and feel it relax as you bend your arm at the elbow.  This is the correct position that should be used in swinging the Gada Mace.  Why don’t you try it now?

When I first started training with the Gada Mace, I did not know about this and as a result hurt myself frequently, you will observe that my form improves gradually in these videos.  Since the time I understood this SECRET RULE, I have not suffered any injuries and my Gada Mace swinging has become a favourite exercise.

Video 1. How to do 360 swings.

Video 2. How to do 10 to 2 swings.

Video 3. Mace and the Broomstick – Know the Movement.

Video 4.  Taming the Beast.

Video 5.  1100 swings with a 12kg mace.

Video 6. Elbow and Club.

Video 7. Bamboo Gada -V- Steel Mace

Video 8. Gada – Mace Swing Combinations

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