August 2014

Kaali Baari Akhara I arranged to meet Gyanshankul Singh at Kaali Baari Akhara to learn about the finer details of traditional Gada and Jori Club exercise. The day started of dry, then the skies opened and we got drenched. Jori Clubs Jori Club athletes use the Gada Mace for warming up their shoulders, and [...]

  Ogornat Akhara Cobra Festival The Ogornat Akhara Cobra Festival celebrations started in the afternoon at 2pm on 1st August 2014. I had paid them a visit the day before, and saw all the preparations, which included a major clean, and a fresh coat of  blue paint for all the equipment. On visiting many Akharas [...]

Jori Swinging Street Contest The Akharas in Varanasi organise competitions for Nag Panchami (Cobra Festival), such as Wrestling, Gada swinging and Jori Club swinging. The footage on this video was recorded at a night time street Jori Swinging Street Contest. There are four categories in the Jori Swinging Competition. Number 1.         [...]

Suria Akhara GADA Mace Training Ladder Style Training 8kg, 12kg, 25kg GADA Mace This is a video about Suria Akhara GADA Mace Training. All the training is one handed, with each hand doing the same amount of repetitions as the other. The training is ladder style, it starts with an 8kg gada mace, then moving [...]