July 2014

Nail Gada 40kg

Nail Gada 40kg – Indian Clubs World Tour 2014 Scindia Akhara is located close to Scindia Ghat on the river Ganges. The locals refer to the river as Mother Ganga which is just minutes away down a staircase. I am going to focus on individual items, and would like to introduce you to a Gada [...]

Indian Club World Tour 2014 Following the successful inaugural tour of 2013, the Indian Club World Tour 2014, splits into three parts, India, Iran and Europe. GADA – MACE, INDIA Varanasi, India presents the opportunity to discover the intricacies of Gada – Mace training still used in Akharas (wrestlers gyms). Although the Gada – Mace exercises are [...]

Preparation Video 2

  Indian Clubs World Tour 2014 Preparation Video 2 Traditional Indian Jori are tough and I am no expert. You swing one club and have to hold the other balanced and still on your shoulder. The first club forces you to turn your body with the pull of the movement generated by the swinging club, which affects [...]

Indian Clubs World Tour 2014 Preparation Video 1 The first Indian Club World Tour was in 2013, the idea came by way of an invitation to a strong man competition in 2012, from Roger La Pointe of Atomic Athletic in Bowling Green ,Ohio. The tour concept quickly became very clear, the aim was to meet and train with [...]