January 2014

Australia Day Flag Drill

Australia Day Flag Drill Australia Day Flag Drill celebration, inspired by Susan Poulos from USA. Music is Road to Gundaghi and Waltzing Matilda played by Chet Atkins with Tommy Emmanuel. Flag Drills were often performed in groups, by both Military and Civilians from 1880’s up until the 1930’s. Then the modern day gym and influenced [...]

Evil Munky Mace

Evil Munky Enterprises Evil Munky Enterprises is the brainchild of trainer and powerlifter Melody Schoenfeld, with the aim of helping make the world a stronger and more active place to be. To bring play back into strength training. To make you love movement again. Evil Munky Enterprises is a small manufacturing company located in California USA, [...]

Rosewater Kinetics Rosewater Kinetics is a small business the small town of Kendrick, ID, USA. Located near Lewiston, ID.  The town of Kendrick houses a secret which has just come to my attention. A gentleman by the name of Robert is an artist who makes an assortment of beautiful and unusual clubs. He lives in a canyon near a [...]

Training with Low Ceilings This video is dedicated to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, I know that you are all struggling with the Polar Vortex and Training with Low Ceilings. I have come up with a few ideas you can use to train with Indian Clubs, Persian Meels and Gada Mace in rooms with Low [...]

My 64th Birthday Workout https://youtu.be/CCbv-6zMyts My 64th Birthday Workout, to celebrate I have recorded this mornings workout to show my favourite exercises using Indian Clubs, Meels and Gada Mace. Flashback to 2007, my doctor told me to lose weight as I was tipping the scales at 110kg, about 20kg overweight, I was also diagnosed with [...]