Neck Nal

People Page   People Page. Over the years I have spent a lot of time researching historical people who went before us in the practice and study of Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and Gada Mace. People like Tom Burrows, Gus Hill, Professor Harrison and Sim D. Kehoe to name a few. During my Indian Clubs World [...]

Training at Suria Akhara This video is a collection of training footage recorded at Suria Akhara, Varanasi, India. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone Training at Suria Akhara for allowing me to record this video footage during your training. Most of the video was recorded early in the morning, the temperature on [...]

  Ogornat Akhara Cobra Festival The Ogornat Akhara Cobra Festival celebrations started in the afternoon at 2pm on 1st August 2014. I had paid them a visit the day before, and saw all the preparations, which included a major clean, and a fresh coat of  blue paint for all the equipment. On visiting many Akharas [...]

Suria Akhara – Varanasi – India The visit to Suria Akhara started as a passenger on the back of a motorbike, weaving through the tiny streets and alleyways of Varanasi.  On arrival we had to squeeze past a cow tethered to a wall before walking through the gates, I have to say that I would have [...]

Ogornat Takia Akhara, Varanasi, India Ogornat Takia Akhara would have been impossible to find without the local knowledge of a guide, the high boundary walls gave nothing away, a short flight of steps and a very low entrance made entering the Akhara even more secretive.  Once inside the walls the space opened out completely with [...]

Jaguset Akhara Jaguset Akhara was the first akhara I visited during my stay in Varanasi.  Being a Tuesday and a traditional rest day there was no training, a great photo opportunity none the less.  It was a surprise to find a weighted Kabadeh bow like the ones used in Zurkhaneh hanging on the wall. Each Akhara is [...]