Monday 9th October 2017 was day 100 since I started chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer. Chemotherapy Milestone 100 Days 100 Gada Swings. I have maintained my sanity by swinging the Gada, Indian Clubs, and Persian Meels on a daily basis. Chemotherapy Milestone 100 Days 100 Gada Swings I am going to celebrate this chemo milestone by [...]

GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER ‘ 한국어 번역 ‘ GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER. This video is a copy of the show that was recorded on FaceBook Live on the 1st of December 2016, with a complete list of all the exercises listed below the video on [...]

The Quiet Power 10-2  Gada Master Class   Marcus Quijas is the owner and founder of “The Quite Power” and has very kindly given me permission to present his excellent video tutorial series on swinging the Gada or Mace.  To find out more about Marcus Quijas you can read his interview and visit his website “The Quiet Power”. [...]

Orange Jori This video is about the preparation and build up to swing heavy Orange Jori at Shri Shri Hanuman Ji Vyaayaamshala Akhara, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi. This special training session was organised in the morning following the early session at this Akhara. Everyone taking part encourage all the participants in every step. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_HTufCrmmA Warm Up [...]

Training at Suria Akhara This video is a collection of training footage recorded at Suria Akhara, Varanasi, India. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone Training at Suria Akhara for allowing me to record this video footage during your training. Most of the video was recorded early in the morning, the temperature on [...]

Double Gada

Double Gada This is definitely not for the feint hearted, I felt really honoured to bear witness to the Double Gada swing. The weights of the Gadas were 25kg and 20kg respectively, which is unbalanced for a kick off. The loading process is the same as for the Jori Clubs. The athlete lifts and loads [...]

Jori Clubs at Suria Akhara

  Jori Clubs at Suria Akhara Jori Clubs at Suria Akhara are large, tall and bulky, the height often reaching mid chest, roughly the same length as a Gada. Training for swinging Jori Clubs involves a lot of single handed Gada Mace work first for warming up, usually starting with twenty 360 type swings over each [...]

Kaali Baari Akhara I arranged to meet Gyanshankul Singh at Kaali Baari Akhara to learn about the finer details of traditional Gada and Jori Club exercise. The day started of dry, then the skies opened and we got drenched. https://youtu.be/zkS9c2iwflk Jori Clubs Jori Club athletes use the Gada Mace for warming up their shoulders, and [...]

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