Become a Patron of Indian Clubs and how to use them

Become a Patron of Indian Clubs and how to use them

Become a Patron of Indian Clubs and how to use them


Most of you spend lots of money each month on content – Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, mobile apps, cable TV subscriptions, books, DVD rentals, etc. How much do you spend on those each month in total? $50? $100?


Content has value. It takes time and energy to produce.

Now I’m not trying to suggest I’m as valuable as, say, next season’s best show, but surely the content on this website has some value?

Free Content for the widest possible audience

I make the Indian Clubs content free because I want it to reach the widest possible audience. But it takes a lot of time and effort to put together for you all. And I would both love to do more of this – more information about Indian Clubs, Persian Meels and Gada(mace) over the coming years.

Spend more time on making videos and blog posts

To do that, I’ll need more time, and that means working less hard on other things, so I can spend more time on making videos and blog posts. And that requires money.

Consider becoming a Patron

So, if you have the means, and you think the Indian Clubs website is worth something, please consider becoming a PATRON of INDIAN CLUBS AND HOW TO USE THEM.

Thank You

Think of it as both a “Thank You” for all my efforts and encouragement for me to continue…

Your name in the Indian Clubs PATRONS CIRCLE

Every Patron gets their name entered on my Indian Clubs PATRONS CIRCLE page. (unless they don’t want recognition, let’s say you’re in witness protection, and that’s fine too – just make a note when you donate and I’ll enter Anonymous).


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