One Minute Sets

One Minute Sets with Persian Meels and Indian Clubs

Drum Beats

One Minute Sets on my Monday morning workout with Indian Clubs and Persian Meels both swung to a drum beat of 120 bpm.

No Counting

I think to count reps is detrimental to your form when you swing Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, and the Gada. Counting does have it’s uses but certainly not here.

One Minute Sets swung against the clock

I use a clock with a large sweep hand and always start as the hand passes 12 o’clock.

Indian Clubs Clock

Made by

Indian Clubs 2.5lbs made by Mike Romiski at ROSEWATER KINETICS and I bought the Persian Meels in Iran 4.5kg each.

Persian Meels

I like to swing the Meels in both four count and two count. Four count means that one clubs moves at a time and the other is held with the hand below the waist, balanced and stationary. When the first club comes to a stop, the second club moves and everything is reversed.
Two count means that both clubs move together in an alternative fashion, each club swings separate from the other. The clubs pass each other at the front of the body, one is going up ready to swing and the other going down having just completed a swing.

Indian Clubs

I try to improvise as much as possible and never really know which format I am going to use. I start something and if it feels right I just carry on. It’s almost like the clubs tell me what they want to do. When the swing has begun, I always focus on maximising my grip work to ensure a smooth flow.

One Minute Sets Running Order

1st set INWARD
3rd set OUTWARD
Persian Meels 8kg each
Indian Clubs freestyle

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Meet the Author

Paul Taras Wolkowinski

INDIAN CLUBS and how to use them. Traveling, researching and studying old books and manuals, has played a major part in my re-discovery of the Art of Indian Clubs Swinging. I practice four disciplines, Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, Gada Mace and Indian Jori Clubs. I have discovered a fascination for this form of exercise that has grown with proficiency. This website is dedicated to help you discover how to use Indian Clubs for exercise and fitness.

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