Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it

I discuss KNOB swinging with Indian Clubs and why you should avoid it.

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The video below was recently recorded on Facebook live and created a loss of discussion and many questions followed. I think this is really important information for everyone who begins to swing Indian Clubs.

Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it

Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it is basically a trap that you can easily fall into without realising, swinging an Indian club by the pommel alone seems very efficient and smooth.

Lazy Swing

Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it

However in reality, you are cheating yourself out of the full range of motion that Indian clubs have to offer and therefore missing out on the benefits of swinging clubs by using a lazy swing technique.

“Club Swinging as Applied to Health, Development, Training and Display” by Tom Burrows

Tom Burrows wrote the following in his book that was published in 1906 and I quote:-

I should like to take this opportunity of expressing myself as entirely against the principle of using the Knob of the clubs for the purpose of performing various evolutions. This method is entirely opposed to all the true ethics of the exercise, and is utterly useless as an exercise with the means to development, besides being sufficient to disqualify in competition.

There are some who see fit to belittle my performances with clubs in which endurance has played an important part, and even go so far (without first personally verifying the veracity of their statements), that the clubs are aimlessly maneuvered and that true club swinging does not enter into them.

This I absolutely deny, and have in my possession proofs that throughout the whole of my long performances never once have I departed from the correct method of swinging.

True I have met men who aspire to honours in the matter of Indian Club swinging who have adopted these are unfair tactics against me for the simple reason that by utilising the knob the demand on the system is less, but this point is not at all necessary from me to discuss now, as, outside trick or exhibition swinging, such methods are not to be countenanced.

Harry Allick

The master of fancy club swinging. Follow the link to read Harry’s interview.


This is an old Soviet video called Gimnasia rítmica. Ejercicios con mazas (1986)

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