Persian Mil Swing Combinations

Persian Mil Swing Combinations

한국어 번역


This video is about the different swings that I have learnt swinging Persian Mils.
The weight described from these clubs is a combined weight, adding the two clubs together.
The first clubs I use are 6 kg, therefore 3 kg each.

9 kg, 4.5 kg each.
12 kg, 6 kg each.
14 kg, 7 kg each.
16 kg, 8 kg each.
20 kg, 10 kg each.
The lighter clubs are a lot easier to swing in the traditional manner, plus they offer the opportunity to experiment using movements borrowed from Indian Club swinging. Which you can see with the 6 kg pair and the 9 kg pairs of clubs.
As the clubs get heavier the weight restricts the amount of manipulation that can be done, however the opportunity exists to swing the clubs in a four count (single time), or a two count (double time), as I have tried to illustrate in video.
Shena split pushups inspired by Kashi Azad’s Persian Yoga manual.


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 My thanks to Jeong Heon Oh for translating.

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