Rosewater Fitness Hour 13

Rosewater Fitness Hour 13

Do you know Steve Angell?

Mike Romiski and Nathan Betts from Rosewater Fitness Hour 13, interview Steve Angell from Milton Keynes in England.

The interview covers how Steve’s background and how he started with Indian Club Swinging, and his progression to Persian Meels and Jori Clubs from India.

Like many of us Steve talks about watching hours of YouTube videos, in an effort to learn technique, and referring to his own videos to check his progress.

Steve’s background is a drug free strength athlete, and champion in many World Strongman contests, in which he represented England.

Rosewater Fitness Hour 13 Steve Angell's Clubs 1

The interview and conversation covers many other topics:-

Motivation to train

Mediative State of Mind swing clubs

Steve’s approach to training on his own

Philosophies on training


Hammer Throwing and Stone Tossing

The Rosewater Fitness Hour is well worth a listen, very relaxed and informative.

Rosewater Fitness Hour 13 Steve Angell's Clubs 1

Steve Angell’s FaceBook Group

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Paul Taras Wolkowinski

INDIAN CLUBS and how to use them. Traveling, researching and studying old books and manuals, has played a major part in my re-discovery of the Art of Indian Clubs Swinging. I practice four disciplines, Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, Gada Mace and Indian Jori Clubs. I have discovered a fascination for this form of exercise that has grown with proficiency. This website is dedicated to help you discover how to use Indian Clubs for exercise and fitness.

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