Mental Gymnastics Sync to Async

Mental Gymnastics Sync to Async with Indian Clubs. Mental Gymnastics Sync to Async Synchronous to Asynchronous using a lower back circle to enter and exit transitions. To start with I lead with my left hand and then repeat the sequence leading with my right hand. Outward, parallel right, inward and parallel left including 180° turns [...]

Monday 9th October 2017 was day 100 since I started chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer. Chemotherapy Milestone 100 Days 100 Gada Swings. I have maintained my sanity by swinging the Gada, Indian Clubs, and Persian Meels on a daily basis. Chemotherapy Milestone 100 Days 100 Gada Swings I am going to celebrate this chemo milestone by [...]

Tabarzin Axes Body Cross (weight 2.5lbs each, length 24″ inches featuring an off centre balance point). Exploring upward & downward body cross movements Body cross movements are swung onto planes, the frontal plane and the sagittal plane. Tabarzin Axes Body Cross – Downward The downward body cross movements are started with the axes held parallel overhead, [...]

This video is based on a Gada (Mace) ladder-style workout incorporating Indian Clubs, Persian Meels and Tabarzin Axes. Gada Mace ladder style workout – DRUMBEAT I am using a drumbeat in the background which is recorded at 60 beats per minute, and the idea is to keep up with the drumbeat regardless of equipment be [...]

Mungli Club

Mungli Club The art of lifting and swinging massive heavy wooden clubs from Pakistan. War and Peace Historically the Pakistani’s have always been very fond of sports. The two important aspects of social life over the years were warfare and social interaction. Every man was expected to be an active soldier capable of doing military [...]

Leo Training Podcast with Joe DeLeo LT 075 | Paul Taras Wolkowinski – Restorative Training: Indian Clubs, Persian Mils & the Gada (Mace). Leo Training Podcast – Four Disciplines Joe DeLeo and Paul Taras Wolkowinski discuss four pieces of equipment centered around restorative training. Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and the Gada (Mace). Leo [...]

How to Elevate and Extend your arms when you swing Indian Clubs.  Elevating your swing and extending your arms is an essential part of Indian Club swinging once you have learnt the basics. You could call it “Reaching for the Sky” This is a demonstration compares an ELEVATED and EXTENDED swing to a LOW and NON-EXTENDED [...]

One Minute Sets with Persian Meels and Indian Clubs Drum Beats One Minute Sets on my Monday morning workout with Indian Clubs and Persian Meels both swung to a drum beat of 120 bpm. No Counting I think to count reps is detrimental to your form when you swing Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, and the [...]

  Indian Clubs WORKSHOPS are CANCELLED For reasons beyond my control, I have been forced to cancel the upcoming Indian Clubs World Tour WORKSHOPS 2017. The reason for the cancellation is that I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on 13th April 2017 and have to undergo an operation. The workshops will be re-scheduled once I [...]

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