Leo Training Podcast with Joe DeLeo LT 075 | Paul Taras Wolkowinski – Restorative Training: Indian Clubs, Persian Mils & the Gada (Mace). Joe DeLeo and Paul Taras Wolkowinski discuss four pieces of equipment centered around restorative training. Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and the Gada (Mace). Paul founded Indian Clubs Australia. He is [...]

Snakes and Daggers

Have you ever wondered where the Indian Club SNAKES movement originated? To my mind the link between Indian Club Snakes and Daggers originated from close quarter combat, where for example you may have lost your sword and become engaged in a grappling life or death fight with your opponent, and your dagger is the last weapon [...]

Susan Poulos Indian Club Memories

Susan Poulos grew up with Indian Clubs. I recently asked Susan some questions regarding her experiences and here is her story in an interview style format. Many thanks to you Susan Poulos for sharing Indian Club memories. Susan Poulos:- My parents were born in the early 1900's. After graduating from high school, both went on to [...]