Zurkhaneh Tour 2014 parts 2 3 4

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Zurkhaneh Tour 2014 parts 2 3 4 한국어 번역

Zurkhaneh in the city of Shiraz, in the southern part of Iran. Due to the daytime heat in Shiraz the Zurkhaneh starts late, 9:30 PM to be precise. It was a 20 minute walk to the venue, first the streets were wide and full of traffic, and then we disappeared into the night into dimly lit narrow alleyways that led us to this Zurkhaneh. The entrance was a narrow tiny door followed by a very steep spiral staircase barely wide enough for one person to go up or down.

My Zurkhaneh Tour was organised by the Iran Tour Center.

Friendly Handshakes

Once inside we were welcomed with very friendly handshakes, as more people arrived, they all came up to welcome us plus lots more handshaking.

Three Uncut Videos

I made three uncut videos during this visit, so you can see everything in detail from start to finish. If you look closely you will see many variations on each exercise discipline.


All three videos were filmed as I was sat next to the Morshed (Master and Drummer controlling the exercises), and you can see a dialogue between the Morshed and the Pahlavans as the evenings events develop.

Even though the ambient temperature was high, the Morshed sat in front of an electric fire, which was turned on full blast. The reason is, that the heat softens the drum skin, and makes the percussion sound better. The drumming and sung poetry resonate throughout the building, and even though I was sat watching, I felt very much part of the evenings events.

Shena Pushups

The first video is features many variations of SHENA pushup exercises. The whole Shena pushup session lasts 12 minutes. It is shown uncut.


The second video shows STRETCHING Zurkhaneh style with many variations lasting 19 minutes. It is shown uncut.

Persian Meels

The third and final video focuses on PERSIAN MEELS, uncut complete session lasting 10 minutes. Watch the Pahlavan in the orange polo shirt, as he gives a great display of a variety of meel swings. The Morshed is shown at the beginning and end of this video.

 Click here to read Korean translation

 My thanks to Jeong Heon Oh for translating.

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