Do you want ---

— your shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands to be more flexible?
— to improve your range of motion?
— to improve your breathing and blood flow?
— to counteract the negative effects of sitting?
— to improve your posture?
Six easy to follow TRAINING videos to get you started.

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  Congratulations Kashi Azad on the launch of the Persian Yoga eBook. Persian Yoga eBook is be available from Amazon, today 25th December 2016. The Persian Yoga eBook introduces you to these time tested methods, which have the matured of over 2000 years, and are battlefield proven; if it works in the battlefield it works anywhere. Available on Amazon, 25th December, [...]

  People Page. Over the years I have spent a lot of time researching historical people who went before us in the practice and study of Indian Clubs, Persian Mil, Indian Jori and Gada Mace. People like Tom Burrows, Gus Hill, Professor Harrison and Sim D. Kehoe to name a few. During my Indian Clubs World Tours [...]

GRIP CHANGES and CLASSIC SWINGS GRIP CHANGES and CLASSIC SWINGS video has been put together as a follow up to the Grip Change Exercise tutorials recently published, to help maximise the way you handle Indian Clubs during training, working your shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. Which size clubs should you use? I would recommend that [...]

A Common Mistake and Shoulder Mobility The common mistake in Indian Club swinging is bad posture. Bad posture impedes shoulder mobility and stresses the body. I frequently get asked the question, what are the benefits of Indian Clubs? Benefit The benefit that springs to mind straight away is, Indian Club swinging will help correct your [...]

2lb Kehoe Clubs

2lb Kehoe Clubs are copies made from an original Sim D. Kehoe club, which was 20 inches long and 2 pounds in weight. They are fresh of my lathe. Thanks to I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend the collector, for giving me access to this rare club which I copied to make [...]

Indian Clubs Swing Combinations

FREE TRAINING FOR INDIAN CLUB BEGINNERS Learn How to Swing a Single Indian Club Routine Follow this link to begin your training. This is a presentation of different swings put together with different transitions, and different grips. I use five different grips in this demonstration, and try to go smoothly form one swing to another, keeping [...]

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