Do you want ---

— your shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands to be more flexible?
— to improve your range of motion?
— to improve your breathing and blood flow?
— to counteract the negative effects of sitting?
— to improve your posture?
Six easy to follow TRAINING videos to get you started.

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Indian Clubs Swing Combinations

FREE TRAINING FOR INDIAN CLUB BEGINNERS Learn How to Swing a Single Indian Club Routine Follow this link to begin your training. This is a presentation of different swings put together with different transitions, and different grips. I use seven different grips in this demonstration, and try to go smoothly form one swing to another, [...]

Zurkhaneh in the city of Shiraz, in the southern part of Iran. Due to the daytime heat in Shiraz the Zurkhaneh starts late, 9:30 PM to be precise. It was a 20 minute walk to the venue, first the streets were wide and full of traffic, and then we disappeared into the night into dimly [...]

You are invited to Indian Clubs World Tour Workshops 2015 with Paul Taras Wolkowinski. See below for locations and contact details for each workshop. Summer July and August 2015. Look forward to seeing you there. If you are new to Indian Club swinging, and want to try it. I have prepared a FREE Online Training [...]

Persian Yoga Level 1

Persian Yoga Level 1 This is an independent review of the Persian Yoga level 1 Illustrated Manual that has recently landed in my mail box. This manual has been written and published by Kashi Azad, who is the founder of Persian Yoga™ and Zurkhaneh Australia. I think it would be fair to say, that most [...]

  Zurkhaneh Tour 2014 part 1 Visit to Tehran As part of my Indian Clubs World Tour 2014, I made a booking with the Iran Tour Center for a Zurkhaneh Tour which seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn more about the traditional training methods of Iran, and soak up some of the rich ancient history [...]

Orange Jori This video is about the preparation and build up to swing heavy Orange Jori at Shri Shri Hanuman Ji Vyaayaamshala Akhara, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi. This special training session was organised in the morning following the early session at this Akhara. Everyone taking part encourage all the participants in every step. Warm Up The [...]

Indian Clubs Concerto by Izzy Barish

An Indian Clubs Concerto by Izzy Barish To quote Izzy Barish "My first spiritual movement guru told me to “let your inner guru be your guide”. Another said to practice and then practice some more, so you could move with no mindedness, to be the “Bow Less Archer”. Well, I am just having fun integrating [...]

  65 Birthday Workout It's happened I have hit 65, and I have just completed my 65 Birthday Workout, with Indian Clubs, Persian Mil and Gada - Mace. The interesting thing is that, as time marches by, and continuous practice, your club swinging knowledge grows through experimentation and observation, and better still there seems no [...]

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