Do you want —
— your shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands to be more flexible?
— to improve your range of motion?
— to improve your breathing and blood flow?
— to counteract the negative effects of sitting?
— to improve your posture?
Six easy to follow TRAINING videos to get you started.

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Tabarzin Battle Axes

Tabarzin Battle Axes These wooden replica Tabarzin Battle Axes are made from West Australian hardwood called JARRAH. They weigh 2lbs 8ozs each and are 24" long. Inspiration to make Tabarzin Battle Axes I was inspired to make the Tabarzin Battle Axes after I saw the front cover of Health & Strength (02 Nov 1907) magazine [...]

Snakes and Daggers

Have you ever wondered where the Indian Club SNAKES movement originated? To my mind the link between Indian Club Snakes and Daggers originated from close quarter combat, where for example you may have lost your sword and become engaged in a grappling life or death fight with your opponent, and your dagger is the last weapon [...]

8 Important Tips About Persian Meels

8 Important Tips About Persian Meels Sword and Shield Exploring the historical origins of Persian Meels and their exercises, which originate from the sword and shield used in warfare. 8 Important Tips About Persian Meels The video below was recently recorded on Facebook live... Sagittal Exercises Sagittal exercises, focus on triceps extensions and make sure [...]

I discuss KNOB swinging with Indian Clubs and why you should avoid it. The video below was recently recorded on Facebook live and created a loss of discussion and many questions followed. I think this is really important information for everyone who begins to swing Indian Clubs. Knob Swinging and why you should avoid it is [...]

GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER GADA Mace Six Essential Exercises B4 You Go HEAVIER. This video is a copy of the show that was recorded on FaceBook Live on the 1st of December 2016, with a complete list of all the exercises listed below the video on this page. I often [...]

Indian Clubs Academy SEOUL Camp 2016 Hosted by Joohyun Kim and Haneol Kim | Soma and Body I have just got back from the Indian Clubs Academy SEOUL Camp 2016 Korea, where I ran and Indian Clubs workshop and a Gada/Mace workshop 5/6 November 2016. I was very fortunate to have a very willing and [...]

Heartshapes with Turns

Heartshapes with Turns. There are four swing elements in this routine. Outward heartshaped swing Inward heartshaped swing Straight arm circles, left arm swings forward right arm swings back Straight arm circles, right arm swings forward left arm swings back During the first part of this routine, you turn a full circle to the left, followed by a [...]

Indian Clubs Macebell workshops Seoul Korea Announcing an Indian Clubs and Gada/Macebell workshop in Seoul, Korea. With Paul Taras Wolkowinski. Hosted by Juhyoen Kim 11.05. Sat, 12~19 : Indian Club Basic & Advance 11.06. Sun, 12~19 : Macebell Basic & Advance 2 days : 800$ / Early bird 700$ until Oct.05 1 days : [...]

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